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Loving Hands Hospice provides hospice care for individuals and families. Proudly serving Warren, Franklin, Lincoln, Gasconade, Montgomery, and St. Charles Counties in Missouri.

At Loving Hands, we are dedicated to serving the community through hospice care.  Hospice care is specially designed to comfort patients and family members when patients have reached a point in their lives where the priority of care turns to ensuring the patient is at ease, rather than curing the illness.

Under the direction of a physician, our interdisciplinary team of clinicians offers a special kind of caring that encompasses the medical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of treatment.

Hospice care is a philosophy of caring that assists those nearing the end of life and in need of refuge. It is a system of caring designed to restore dignity and provide a sense of personal fulfillment to the dying.

The focus is on the patient and their family rather than the disease; the goal is to improve the quality of life that remains. The modern hospice is not a place, a building, or an institution (a frequent misconception). Instead, it's a concept - a collection of ideas and attitudes - offering an array of services based on the holistic philosophy of living and dying.

Hospice searches for meaningful treatment for terminally ill patients and their families by uniting contemporary science with sensitive caring. In short, the goal of all hospice care is the relief of symptoms in order to promote comfort and improve the patient's quality of life.

Palliative care is the very foundation of Loving Hands Hospice. By providing Palliative care, it is our goal to relieve or soothe the symptoms of our patients' diseases or disorders without attempting a cure.

Whether you or a loved one is dealing with physical, emotional or spiritual pain, our goal is to relieve that pain.

Loving Hands Hospice is home to medically qualified specialists who are trained in the care of patients with an incurable disease. These specialists focus on symptom control and enhancement of the quality of life.

The hospice movement is both ancient and modern. Beginning as a form of comfort for travelers, hospice has been adapted as a philosophy of care, to ease the journey from life to death. Our modern term "hospice" comes from the Latin "hospes," meaning both host and guest, and symbolizing the mutual caring of people for one another.

Hospice is a philosophy of caring that assists people nearing the end of life. Its goal is to improve the quality of life that remains by focusing on providing care for the patient and their family rather than attempting to cure the disease.  Hospice is not a place or a building; instead, it's a concept designed to prolong meaningful living, not physiological dying. Therefore, no active, curative therapies are undertaken. In short, the goal of all hospice care is palliation, or making the patient as comfortable as possible - not dulled by social isolation, drugs, or heroic lifesaving efforts.

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